Antique Heart Pine Flooring, Beams & Mantles

J&C Wood Products specializes in preserving relics of our past by reclaiming antique heart pine wood found worldwide in very old factories and mills. Our artisans transform the wood we reclaim into flooring, millwork, beams and mantles of unparalleled beauty. By reusing antique wood, J&C Wood Products preserves the past and creates beautiful and unique floors that become a part of homes and communities for generations to come.

Used for centuries for the construction of textile mills, garment factories and warehouses, our reclaimed heart pine comes from ancient, old growth trees harvested more than 100 years ago. The age of the wood makes for a tight, beautiful grain with amazing colors of reddish to orange tones. It also has nail holes and other rustic characteristics. Antique heart pine was used for years in many historic homes because it was as durable as it was good looking.

Antique Heart Pine Flooring, Solid Smooth Finish

Available sizes

Width: 2 to 12 inches
Thickness: 1/2, 5/8 or 3/4 inch
Specialty widths and thicknesses are available. Call with your requests.


All flooring orders are delivered with a planed smooth surface for uniform thickness, glue grooves on the underside, and tongue & groove edges for easy installation.

Antique Heart Pine Flooring, Solid Dirty Top Finish

Available sizes

Width: 4 to 8 inches
Thickness: 1/2, 5/8 or 3/4 inch
Specialty widths and thicknesses are available. Call with your requests.


Charming, informal, rustic and naily with occasional saw marks, this dirty top surface is the original surface that was walked upon in the factories and mills over 100 years ago. The wood provides an instant well aged look with natural patina. We mill a tongue and grove to ensure a uniform thickness. Naildown & gluedown available.

Antique Heart Pine Flooring, Beams

Our reclaimed beams are carefully extracted from antique structures throughout the United States. Our beams range in look and character features from those with minimal nail and bolt holes to those that are heavily distressed. We can provide exactly what you need. With its rich antique patina, we offer cosmetic or structural timber-frame beams up to 28 feet long.

Antique Heart Pine Flooring, Mantles

Our mantles are made from our reclaimed beams and can be milled to your desired width, thickness and length. Having a mantle with the old rustic, rich character features will be the center piece of any room.